What the life of traveling is really like.

What the life of traveling is really like.

Meeting some really amazing people, seeing stuff like that out of story books, and the sights everyone would kill for. Sounds like the vacation of a lifetime right, and it is. Though, I couldn’t say ya a lifestyle for everyone. What seems amazing can be very taxing and takes a lot of adjusting. This is my personal take on what my experiences have been for this last month, after 6 countries of backpacking at just 19 years old.

At such a young age I began my travels. Something I didn’t know if I was ready for, and I was scared as all hell. I didn’t want to let fear hold me back from a dream I had, no one should. I was worried about what kind of support I’d receive from friends and family on a last second decision to not immediately attend college.

Since I was young I had this dream to travel the world, experience culture, see sights people don’t get in a lifetime. I wanted out of the bubble I lived in and where I considered myself safe. It sounds awesome, and it is AMAZING. However, like anything good it comes with a cost. I can feel myself changing, maturing, and becoming an adult way too fast. I’ve always been open to change but this is making me miss being that kid in high school, always sitting around the fire with my friends making new memories. As sad as it is, this is the next step of life and it’s time to accept that life is moving on.

Additionally I’ve become super homesick, I make 10 new friends everyday. Then I leave those that I’ve gotten so close with 2 days later to go somewhere else. All of them ask, “what’s Colorado like”, as I tell them it makes me miss the beautiful state and people I once took for granted. Constantly being on the road, it’s a go-go-go with no breaks in between. Everyday I can feel this lifestyle allowing me to grow as a person. All being said this trip has been amazing to me, I have no doubts and will continue to travel for months to come. I’ve met amazing people from around the world, showing me different reasons to be happy and how fit in a world of different nationalities. Everyday I learn to appreciate what I have and the life I live more and more.

Though, sometimes it has its downs. Like now where I sit on the edge of this canal past midnight, listening to Flume, looking down at the city lights, thinking to myself: what am I doing here.

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  1. This is your best post yet! It’s very real and raw and that’s how you should continue to share your journey. I’m so proud of you and I know it isn’t always easy, but you are doing this and it’s amazing! I can’t wait to meet up with you! Don’t forget that pictures are awesome – we all want pictures!

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