I‘d like to start by saying I’m sorry. I want to write, journal, and share my adventure with you all. Though this is just the beginning and I’m trying to adjust to the new lifestyle of travel. Surprisingly enough, it’s not always so easy. I’m hoping it can become more of a habit for me and I’d love for you all to stay in touch in the comments and I will too! Much love to all of my biggest supporters.


These last 3 days I’ve spent traveling around and exploring Amsterdam. It seems the choice of only staying 4 nights here was a good one. The city is beautiful and the architecture is something of that out of a movie. But with the densely packed canals and sketchy vibes it can be off putting. In these days I’ve seen what I needed to see to experience Amsterdam and now I’m ready to head to Belgium for the next experience.

As with most places I found the big parks to be absolutely fascinating. Amsterdam’s Vondelpark, was not one to let down. Sunlight creeping through the trees, sparkling down onto the green flushed creeks. I found it just as blissful at Museumplein park as well, surrounded by Amsterdam’s best museums. The impressive architecture of Amsterdam is very unique. It’s side-by-side built houses and infinitely running canals will not disappoint when delivering something so different from home.

My hostel was incredibly social and I made great groups of friends that helped to make unforgettable memories. We explored everything from the “Eerie” Red Light District to the beaches of the Netherlands, Zandvoort aan Zee. Two friends I had met and I also got to check out a super cool jazz bar right on the edge of town, Maloe Melo. It was great to share a beer with new friends and enjoy the live jazz music of Amsterdam. I also met some of my favorite celebs!(pictured below)


  1. Love to see you experience the beautiful places on your travels and meet people from from other countries. Thanks for sharing your adventure through your perspective and photos. Grandpa and I watch everyday for your updates! We love you!

  2. Love to read of your adventures and see the great photos you take! We look forward to watching you experience an amazing journey of a lifetime! Love you G and G

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