London – Traveling On a Budget

London – Traveling On a Budget

London has so much to provide and endless beauties to see. While the Soho area of London is beautiful and filled with unique pubs and restaurants, it’s also expensive. The pound already turned my USD into nearly nothing. However, sometimes you have to treat yourself. The SOHO area of London also offered shops like Palace, Supreme, and the Microsoft store which is actually the only one in all of the EU. Also, spent that time accessing their computers to make modifications to this page!

Everything in London was pretty extra, featuring things not all too necessary but nonetheless super fascinating. As I feel most of you do, I like to save money. Getting from the Bayswater area to SOHO can be quite pricey. It is also a beautiful walk and a great way to experience some interesting views and history! Although after many miles of walking, my calves are a bit sore I can say the walk is well worth your while.

One of the reasons I specifically went into London was to get a haircut. Little did I know, a famous UK hairstylist worked at the very place I had been interested in. I turn the corner and I see a line out the door comparable to a Walmart’s Black Friday, which had been disappointing. Having hair as long as mine while traveling can be very hard to manage and become annoying. I then found Treat-Well which made it very easy to book my appointment right through their app!

After a crazy day of wandering the city, I settled down at The Swan pub for the Liverpool game. Grabbed a seat and met some hilarious Germans and boy did they have some stories to tell as well as some great american political views to share. This pub had some of the best fries I’ve had and they offer a free pint when you download the DUSK app.

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