The British Museum & Attack of the Vegans

The British Museum & Attack of the Vegans

Started my day by waking up way too late, which was disappointing. I was hoping to spend a good chunk of my day at the British Museum. I took the 3 hours I had, grabbed my 3 quid lunch from the super market down the street, and began my 1 hour walk. When I arrived at the famous museum I was surprised by how overpopulated it was. You could spot people from all sides of the world in there, packed back to back.

My 3 quid budget meal
Museum entrence

I have never really been a big museum person, it’s something that tends to make me feel like I’m back at school. However, this was quite interesting because they had every piece of our world history that you could imagine. There were two areas that really caught my interest, the Greek and Egyptian artifacts and history. There were entire rooms for each section, it was absolutely bonkers how big this place was.

Hércules statue
Kings Library

Ended my day doing some exploring of the local delicacies in Piccadilly Circus. This was a NYC-like street corner, featuring huge advertisement screens and more overpopulation. Nonetheless, it was super cool to see and a nice city square area to explore! Found something I thought was funny, a vegan protest in the square. I was beraided for 20 minutes on why I should become vegan on my way to grab dinner. I sat down at Jakata a restaurant right around the corner, a little more pricey but had some great food and a killer jack Daniels slush.

Jakata córner
Jakata menu and summertime special

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